Ben orr jr age

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The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages. Wiki User His son Ben son of Judith Silverman was reportedly born circa The name Benjamin means 'son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age'.

Asked in Old Testament Jacob's youngest son in the old testament? Benjamin is Jacob's youngest son. Asked in Canoes and Kayaks Why do some boats have orrs? The phone number of the Orrs Island Library is: Benjamin Franklin's 21 year old son. The tribe of Benjamin is named after Benjamin Jacobs son.

Benjamin Franklin's son Francis, was born in When he was four years old, he contracted smallpox and died on November 21, Asked in US Presidents Which president 's son owned a goat? Benjamin Harrison's son owned a goat called Old Whiskers. Benjamin Harrison served as the 23rd President of the United States. Benjamin franklins son william died from small pox at age 4. Asked in Old Testament Where is the tribe of Benjamin from?

The tribe of Benjamin came from the last son of Jacob and Rachel. He was also the youngest son of the twelve. Ben gave his son the family name, Benjamin Jackson Burnley V. Son of luck or favorite son. The name Benjamin comes from the Hebrew language. It means son of right hand or son of the south. Benjamin Franklin joined the patriots. He son was a loyalist who was Governor of New Jersey. Asked in Celebrities What nicknames does Benjamin Darvill go by? Benjamin Darvill goes by Son of Dave.

Asked in Old Testament Who was the next to youngest son of Jacob? Benjamin, Rachel's second son, was Jacob's youngest son.

Ben Orr author says late Cars bassist 'never forgot' his NE Ohio roots

From the Hebrew language, the male given name Benjamin means son, son of my right hand, or, fortunate, strong. Jacob is the father of Joseph and Benjamin. Asked in Old Testament Jacob's youngest son?

The twelfth son of Jacob was Benjamin the youngest of them all.Benjamin Orzechowski known as Ben Orr played in numerous bands before finding fame in the late Seventies and Eighties with the Cars. Orr, who died Oct. Almost all of them spoke of how Orr treated them as family, whether they were blood relatives or not.

The Rock Hall was an appropriate locale for the tribute, as Orr, who was fifty-three when he passed away, started his musical career in Cleveland in the mid-Sixties, when he played with the Grasshoppers.

ben orr jr age

A live feed was broadcast in the main lobby so that museum visitors could watch the proceedings. Diane Akins, a Clevelander who was branch president of the Grasshoppers fan club, first met Orr at a concert in when the group was opening for the Beach Boys. Rossi, who currently plays in a Cleveland-based band called the Baskerville Hounds, dedicated a poem to Orr that his mother left behind before she died last year. Ben was what I call a feel-good person.

He recalled the different events that led up to his joining the Cars in Jeff Carlisi, formerly. She thanked everyone who assisted her and talked mostly about her love for Orr, whom she had met just over a year ago. Popular on Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

ben orr jr age

Arrow Created with Sketch. Calendar Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. Plus Created with Sketch.His Russian and Czechoslovakian parents actively encouraged his musical endeavors. Ben grew up in Lakewood and Parma Heights, Ohio. He played bass, keyboards, and percussion instruments in his teen years. Ben got drafted as well, but received a deferment after serving one and a half years in the Army.

InOrr moved to Columbus, Ohio and met mellow musician, Ric Ocasek ; the two formed a folk band called "Milkwood". In the mid 70s, Ben became a member of the Boston, Massachusetts nightclub group, "Cap'n Swing"; two other members of this particular band were Ocasek and guitarist Elliot Easton. Ben left The Cars in From up until his death, Ben performed with his own band, "Orr", and the side bands, "Big People" and "the Voices of Classic Rock".

Orr died at age 53 from pancreatic cancer on October 3, in Atlanta, Georgia. Sign In. Edit Ben Orr. Showing all 11 items. Bassist for the rock band The Cars. Also swapped lead vocals with member Ric Ocasek. In the interview, his weakened condition is very apparent. He hardly even speaks in the interview. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Edit page.

Deaths: October 3. Birthdays: September 8. Celebrities who had pancreatic cancer. Share this page:. Clear your history.Benjamin Orr, singer and bassist with new wave hitmakers the Cars, succumbed to cancer at his home in Atlanta on Tuesday night.

Friends and Bandmates Pay Tribute to Ben Orr

He was According to former Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes, Orr was surrounded by his friends when he passed away just before midnight ET. Orr also released a solo album in called "The Lace. A management spokesperson for Ocasek spoke on behalf of the singer-guitarist, telling MTV News, "He's very devastated by the loss of a close friend. His Big People bandmates, Jeff Carlisi formerly of.

He said, 'If I fall down one day and can't get up, you'll know its over. The group will now turn a planned March of Dimes benefit concert scheduled for this Friday at the Tabernacle in Atlanta into a memorial performance.

According to Orr's manager, another event is being planned to take place in Orr's hometown of Cleveland. Orr had reunited with his former Cars bandmates -- Ocasek, Hawkes, Elliot Easton and David Robinson -- this past summer for an interview to be included. Rhino will now be donating a portion of the profits to the National Pancreas Foundation.I had no idea a man could be that pretty. Seriously, even prettier than Paulina Prizkova who after a fresh viewing, was batshit crazy in that video.

Never noticed THAT before either! Thomas Howell and Michael J. Fox posters. Benjamin Orr died in October ofsurrounded not by family but by members of his current band Big People. I remember hearing about it being incredibly sad, but even more so by the fact that people might not care since Ric Ocasek had become the face of The Cars.

His voice made me all mushy and wistful again, like the overly sentimental girl I was when I found him. So, I came straight home and watched this video again. This is for Benjamin Orr. You are still missed. Amazing story. My friends and I had crushes on him too. I too had forgotten about him and the Cars until the announcement of his passing. It was a shock and sad to hear about his battle with cancer. Now I religiously watched You Tube videos of the Cars. I think to myself what an amazing performer he was and very charmistic in his interviews.

Ben Orr is truly missed I wish a ballad would be made of him just like Jayne Mansfield. Rip Benjamin you live forever in your music. I Loved those guys and Ben in particular. I was There. RIP Ben Orr.

We Love You. I had a crush on Benjamin Orr wayyyy back in the late seventies. I loved the Cars and without realizing it for some time the songs he sang were always my favorites.

I loved his voice and never stopped listening. So very talented… and taken too soon. He was beautiful…. I could never tire of that face or smile. He is still missed. Omg yes, Benjamin Orr was a beautiful and talented man!! Such a shame he was taken from us so soon. Oh Julie, this was a really neat read. Thank you for sharing your Benjamin Orr story it blessed my heart. I enjoyed reading your blog. I saw the Cars years ago in Flagstaff, Az, must have been Ben Orr absolutely lit up that stage.

It was like a fireworks show. He completely dominated the set; Ocasek was almost like an afterthought. I realize this may be hard to believe, but Ben was front and center lead man, in addition to singing most of the songs.Orr was born Benjamin Orzechowski in Cleveland, Ohio. It was there in the late 60s that he met Ric Ocasek, a musician and college dropout. Orr was working as a session musician and producer at a local studio. Previously, he fronted the house band of the TV rock show Upbeat, and was leader of a local group, The Grasshoppers.

That group split when some members were drafted to Vietnam, though not before Orr had earned a reputation as a versatile musician who could sing or play drums, bass and guitar. Orr and the gangling Ocasek began collaborating in an assortment of bands. Inthey were part of the folk trio Milkwood, and released an album on Paramount featuring future Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes.

As The Cars took shape, the first rumblings of punk were being heard around Boston. Local punkistas gravitated to the city's Rat Club, where early performances by The Cars demonstrated that they were miles ahead of the competition in terms of professionalism and musicality. Elektra waved a chequebook at them inand promptly sent them into the studio with producer Roy Thomas.

Their eponymous debut album was recorded in a fortnight and released that same year. While superficially conforming to what Americans like to call "New Wave", complete with a sheen of technological hauteur and an aura of pop-art cool, the album bristled with catchy pop songs, mostly by Ocasek. InRolling Stone readers voted The Cars best new band, while their million-selling debut album was such a strong performer that its follow-up, Candy-O, was delayed for several months, then promptly sold 1m copies in eight weeks.

The band drew a crowd ofto New York's Central Park, and their third album, 's Panorama, was another platinum-seller. InOrr began working on his own album, though it wouldn't emerge for four years. It was here that they recorded parts of their fourth million-seller, 's Shake It Up.

Ben Orr author says late Cars bassist 'never forgot' his NE Ohio roots

Heartbeat City, released inspawned another batch of hit singles including Drive. Following its Live Aid exposure, the record was re-promoted and went into the charts for the second time. The group donated their royalties to the Band Aid Trust. The Cars had begun to lose momentum, though Orr showed he could function successfully on his own with his album The Lace This gave him a Top 40 hit with Stay The Night.

InDoor To Door became The Cars' last, and least, album, with Ocasek now committed to a solo career and the others happy to follow suit. Orr took a lengthy sabbatical from the rock business. Inwhile the other Cars reunited for rehearsals, Orr debuted his new band - called simply Orr.

Honoring Ben Hall inductee!

Subsequently he moved from Vermont to Atlanta, and joined a band of rock veterans called Big People. Aside from the string of hits he enjoyed as a member of The Cars during the s, Benjamin Orr, who has died aged 53, earned himself a fragment of rock'n'roll immortality as the vocalist on the group's Drive, the poignant ballad used to devastating effect over news footage of starving Ethiopians during the Live Aid telecast.

His marriage ended in divorce: he leaves a son. Reuse this content. Most popular.Benjamin Orzechowski September 8, — October 4,known professionally as Benjamin Orrwas an American musician best known as a singer, bassist and co-founder of the rock band the Cars.

He also scored a moderate solo hit with " Stay the Night. His family actively supported his musical endeavors. He became proficient in several instruments including the guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. Known locally as "Benny 11 Letters", he grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, and Parma, Ohio, and attended Valley Forge High School before joining local band the Grasshoppers as lead singer and guitarist in The Grasshoppers dissolved inwhen two of the band members were drafted into the U.

Army, after which Orzechowski joined the band Mixed Emotions, and later the Colours. Later, Orzechowski was drafted as well, although he received a deferment after approximately a year and a half in the Army. After moving to Boston, the two formed a folk band called Milkwood with guitarist James Goodkind. Inthe group released one album, How's the Weather?

Remaining in Boston, Ocasek and Orr then formed another band, Richard and the Rabbits, featuring keyboardist Greg Hawkesfollowed by another band, Cap'n Swing, which included guitarist Elliot Easton. After the group broke up inthe three of them along with Hawkes and drummer David Robinson formed the Cars. As a member of the Cars, Orr sang lead vocal on some of the band's best known songs, including their first hit in the Top 40, " Just What I Needed ", " Let's Go ," and " Drive ", their highest charting single in the United States.

Orr released his only solo album, The Lacein He co wrote the music and lyrics with his long time girlfriend, Diane Grey Page, who also sang backing vocals [9] and appeared on the album's back cover. The album featured a Top 40 pop hit, " Stay the Night ". The song was also a Top 10 album rock hit. A second single, "Too Hot to Stop", was also released, but did not chart in the Billboard Hotthough it reached No.

Orr continued to work with the Cars for one more album, Door to Doorand tour before the group disbanded inafter which he and the other members pursued solo work.

ben orr jr age

Sometime in the mid s, Orr recorded tracks with guitarist John Kalishes for an unreleased follow up to The Lace. In AprilOrr was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and hospitalized; [14] however, he continued to perform with the band Big People throughout that summer at music festivals and state fairs. He reunited with the Cars one last time in Atlantafor an interview that was included in the Rhino Records concert video The Cars Live. Holmes and Rob Wilson. Manager David Tedeschi was not present, but was devastated by the loss of his best friend.

Ric Ocasek wrote and recorded the song "Silver", which was his musical tribute to Orr. It appeared on Ocasek's solo album, Nexterday. Orr was given special thanks in the liner notes: "Ben, your spirit was with us on this one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ben orr jr age

For other people named Benjamin Orr, see Benjamin Orr disambiguation. Orr in on The Midnight Special. Retrieved December 17, Spartanburg Herald-Journal. October 5, Retrieved November 20, March 24, Archived from the original on March 24, Retrieved November 21, May 24, Retrieved September 17,


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