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Park Passes. Technical Announcements. Employees in the News. Emergency Management. We provide science about the natural hazards that threaten lives and livelihoods; the water, energy, minerals, and other natural resources we rely on; the health of our ecosystems and environment; and the impacts of climate and land-use change.

Our scientists develop new methods and tools to supply timely, relevant, and useful information about the Earth and its processes. Recent earthquake:. Explore current water conditions that are important to you such as streamflow, water levels, quality, and more.

See more about the Earth with our airborne and space-borne sensors or cameras. Monitoring data and activity alerts, subscribe to get notifications, and learn about hazards and history of U. Learn about landslides and get information on landslide potential following wildfire and rainfall in the western U. Explore the scientific activities that are going on across the country and in your state.

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Explore topographic maps, geologic maps, interactive maps, GIS data, and more. Access and download software that helps display and interpret data from a variety of sources. View thousands of photos, explore image galleries watch videos, and listen to interviews and podcasts. Skip to main content. Search Search.

Magnitude 6. Learn More. Real-time Data. Real-time Data Providing real-time or near real-time data and information on current conditions and earth observations.

Real-Time Data. Earthquake Data Block Earthquakes. Recent earthquake: View All. Water Water Explore current water conditions that are important to you such as streamflow, water levels, quality, and more. See More. Volcanoes Volcanoes Monitoring data and activity alerts, subscribe to get notifications, and learn about hazards and history of U.

View Alerts. Landslides Landslides Learn about landslides and get information on landslide potential following wildfire and rainfall in the western U. Our Science. Our Science What, where, and how we conduct and perform science about a changing world. Start with Science.Download our map or collect one when you visit.

nga maps

You can also download the NGA app from iTunes and plan your visit. Open every day closed Christmas Day with a special light show viewing at dawn and dusk. To find out the best times to view please:. Prepare to experience one good thing after another when you Visit Canberra. Indulge in wine tasting and boutique shopping, power through mountain biking and rock climbing, experience a jam-packed calendar of festivals and events or simply let the kids run wild. The Gallery is closed until further notice.

Read more. This includes the implementation of sanitising stations, additional and regular cleaning services and public health messaging.

COVID spreads just like the flu, therefore hygiene is crucial in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. We urge everyone to remain vigilant and to help protect the community by following the recommendations of the World Health Organisation:. We ask that you please be mindful of everyone in the Gallery and comply with requests and instructions where given by staff and signage. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, we ask that you please refrain from attending the Gallery and recommend you seek medical assistance:.

In case you get sick during your visit, contact a member of the visitor services team who will arrange medical assistance as required. The National Gallery of Australia acknowledges the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples, the traditional custodians of the Canberra region, and recognises their continuous connection to culture, community and Country. All rights reserved. Services Access Tours Research support Functions. Asian art Overview Provenance research Pacific arts Overview.

General Overview New acquisitions Books on the collection Our magazine. Contact us Contacts Media Feedback. Join us Become a member Become a partner Become a guide. Website Website copyright Privacy Disclaimer. Visit General details. Map Download our map or collect one when you visit. Visit Canberra Prepare to experience one good thing after another when you Visit Canberra.It is produced in multiple scales in support of systems with map.

The following products are not stocked by Mapping Customer Operations and must be acquired via automatic distribution:. DCG features include important buildings, airfields, military installations, industrial complexes, embassies, government buildings, hospitals, schools, utilities, and places of worship. A guide to numbered buildings and an index to street names are provided in the margin. DCGs can be used for mission planning and navigation.

CIB is an unclassified seamless dataset of orthophotos, made from rectified grayscale aerial images. It supports various weapons, C4I theater battle management, mission planning, digital moving map, terrain analysis, simulation and intelligence systems. CIB data are produced from digital source images and are compressed and reformatted to conform to the raster product format standard. It may be derived from a grayscale image, from one band of a multispectral product, or from an arithmetic combination of several multispectral bands.

Applications for CIB include rapid overview of areas of operations, map substitutes for emergencies and crisis, metric foundation for anchoring other data in C4I systems or image exploitation, positionally-correct images for draping in terrain visualization, and image backgrounds for mission planning and rehearsal.

NGA maps

This catalog is produced every days. There are currently two Compact Disc CD versions and two downloadable versions available. These versions are described below:. DTED is a uniform matrix of terrain elevation values. It provides basic quantitative data for all military systems that require terrain elevation, slope and gross surface roughness information.

Data density depends on the level produced. VMap Level 0 is the low resolution component of the VMap family of products. VMap Level 0 is a comprehensive ,scale vector basemap of the world.

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Vmap Level 1 contains medium resolution data at thescale. Data is separated into ten thematic layers consistent throughout the VMap program. The Vmap Level 2 program is designed to provide vector-based geospatial data at high resolution. Data are separated into 10 thematic layers consistent throughout the VMap program. Each layer contains thematically consistent data. Skip to main content Press Enter.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

DLA Aviation. Aviation Home. MCO Home. News Alerts.Skip to main content Press Enter. Standards, Architecture and Certification. As we develop a clearly defined set of architectures, standards, and test methods, it allows us to connect the national and Army architectures toward a foundation that supports all U. The AGE GeoGlobe provides unique geospatial analysis tools and methods to assist with the visualization of both training and operational battle space environments.

The GeoGlobe incorporates 3D digital models, maps, imagery, elevation, and vector data to create a common environment for ground forces. High Resolution Aerial and Satellite Imagery. When commanders are faced with decisions regarding battlefield operations, there are not pre-defined possible routes. The Geospatial Center specializes in the collection, use, storage, and dissemination of high resolution aerial, terrestrial and satellite imagery.

Inland Electronic Navigational Charts. Shippers and consumers depend on inland waterways to move millions of tons of commodities like coal, petroleum products and other raw materials. Accurate and real-time display of vessel position relative to waterway features like shifting river currents aids voyage planning. The Inland Electronic Navigational Charts convert waterway data into a foundation that is exceptional for voyage planning. Need Products? Facebook Twitter. Tweets by ArmyGeospatial.The agency also operates major facilities in the St.

Louis, Missouri areaas well as support and liaison offices worldwide. The NGA headquarters, at 2. In Septemberresearchers at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency released a high resolution terrain map [11] detail down to the size of a car, and less in some areas of Antarcticanamed the " Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica " REMA.

Using stereo viewers, photo-interpreters reviewed thousands of images.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Many of these were of the same target at different angles and times, giving rise to what became modern imagery analysis and mapmaking. The Engineer Reproduction Plant was the Army Corps of Engineers 's first attempt to centralize mapping production, printing, and distribution.

Previously, topographic mapping had largely been a function of individual field engineer units using field surveying techniques or copying existing or captured products. With the advent of the Second World War aviation, field surveys began giving way to photogrammetryphoto interpretationand geodesy. During wartime, it became increasingly possible to compile maps with minimal field work.

It was located at the Dalecarlia Site including buildings now named for John C. Ruth on MacArthur Blvd. The Army Map Service also combined many of the Army's remaining geographic intelligence organizations and the Engineer Technical Intelligence Division. AMS was redesignated the U. It has continued to serve all successive legacy agencies' employees and their families.

After the war, as airplane capacity and range improved, the need for charts grew. Louis, Missouri. ACP was known as the U. It was renamed Arsenal Credit Union in[14] a nod to the St. Louis site's Civil War-era use as an arsenal.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together. Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects.

nga maps

Hootenanny conflates multiple maps into a single seamless map. Hootenanny UI is a submodule of the Hootennany vector conflation project. Processing framework for containerized algorithms.

GeoPackage JavaScript Library. UI front-end for Scale - Processing framework for containerized algorithms. GeoPackage Core Java Library. RPMs needed for a Hootenanny install.

Common library code shared by seed-silo and seed-cli projects. Run OpenSphere in an Electron container. GeoPackage Android Map Library. Skip to content. Sign up. Type: All Select type. All Sources Forks Archived Mirrors. Select language. Repositories hootenanny Hootenanny conflates multiple maps into a single seamless map.

Objective-C Apache JavaScript Apache Python Apache TypeScript Apache Java Apache Shell GPL Go Apache Java GPL MIT 6 24 1 0 Updated Mar 17, Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Previous Next. Most used topics. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Topographic maps present the vertical position of features in measurable form, as well as their horizontal positions. They range from general wall maps and simple briefing graphics to accurate topographic line maps TLM and inclusive city graphics.

nga maps

TheTLM provides the most detail of topographic terrain features. Prior to conducting a leader's reconnaissance, infantry crew served weapons can be plotted with sufficient reliability, based on a map analysis.

The TLM is a lithographic map that portrays topographic and cultural information. It is a true representation of terrain detail; features are plotted to correct orientation and true location.

TheTLM is a lithographic map that portrays the greater detail of topographic and cultural information. Relief is shown by contours and spot elevations measured in meters.

The map is a true representation of terrain detail. Features are plotted to correct orientation and true location. The map depicts the level of detail required for infantry and reconnaissance units to navigate in various terrain environments including jungle, mountain, arctic, and desert.

TheTLM is designed for operational and tactical operations by providing four times the coverage area of ascale topographic map. This is the preferred map for armored, mechanized, and mounted operations in deserts or flat terrain. The TLM is primarily used by land and air forces in support of ground operations, for the planning and executing of tactical operations, and fire support missions. It supplements a commander's reconnaissance of zones of action by providing basic terrain analysis information in sufficient detail to support the intelligence preparation of the battlefield.

A city graphic is a large-scale lithographic map of populated places and environs portraying streets and trough-route information. Military Installation chart is a mosaic of one or more standard seriesTopographic Line Maps which are overprinted with small arms and artillery impact areas, training areas, and range facilities information. This small scale map contains political boundaries and dominant geographical features such as mountain ranges, oceans, and plains.

It is printed on a Miller Cylindrical projection. The visual depiction of the key geographical features highlights the strategic regions of the world and national core centers supporting transportation networks. The World Map supports the development of general strategy by the Joint Staff.

Pentagon briefers use the World Map to orient the national level press and media to geographical areas of interest for the general public. Geological Survey topographic maps are not stocked by the Richmond Map Facility, but are available to DOD activities as interim products for unavailable, stated requirements, on a limited basis. Skip to main content Press Enter. DLA Aviation. Aviation Home. MCO Home.


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